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The key members of JCP-C have a large complementary experience acquired in leading companies within these markets.

  • Jean-Charles Point : Renowned expert on the Broadband Access Networks and European Projects. He also has a significant industrial experience in technical and marketing direction positions.
  • Patrick Mérias : Former CTO of Electrobit France, has a large experience in Wireless Access and Project Management .
  • Michèle Wilmet : Administrative and financial manager, Michèle has developed an important know-how in European Programs Management, on the administrative and legal aspects.
  • PhD, Joost Geurts : Technical consultant, specializing in various areas of multimedia. He gained significant experience in managing through the coordination of European research projects.
  • Roman Kaurson : Manager of Euprocom, expert in Project Management.
  • Maria Fernandez-Gallardo : Strategy and "business modeling", support for legal affairs,she recently joined the team of JCP-Consult in order to exercise the expertise she acquired through the submittal of proposals for public bidding processes.
  • Yaning LIU : R&D consultant, participating in the research in Europe FP7 projects. She specializes in mobility, content cache and applications in Content Centric Network (CCN). She also has many research experiences of Green Network, Network Measurements, Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming and Distributed Systems.

  • Kristaps Dobrajs : Latest addition to the JCP-C team. As a Project Assistant, Kristaps will deal closely with clients and partners on current and upcoming projects. He has extensive experience in customer relations and has experience working for the EU civil service.


JCP-C also federates a network of expert members on complementary subjects such as Security, IP Architectures and Management.


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